For the mission that we have set for ourselves, we follow certain strategies to ensure that our goals are achieved

Whether it is health or general wellbeing, proper infrastructure, right equipment and education is necessary. We aim at tackling all three problems with training, grants and mentorship.

Improve Education Standards

(Training & Grants)

  •  Focus on literacy through societal engagement, provide quality materials, tools and create learning environments at the public schools and colleges. 
  • Collaborate with local governments, schools and parents to build capacities of educators and trainers who can be powerful agents of change for sustainable education and development.
  • Establish grants to create higher education opportunities for the motivated youth.

Technology Integration

(Trainings, Grants, Tools & Equipment)

In this increasingly digital world, it is essential that classrooms are equipped with the latest technologies to provide an effective learning environment for tomorrow’s leaders.
  • Deploy grants, resource personnel and digital equipment to embed technology into learning environment within and outside of the schools and colleges.

Employment Opportunities

(Skill Development, Internships & Grants)

  • Identify Job gap skills, facilitate advanced trainings in technical, non-technical, soft and life skills.
  • Create employment opportunities through fellowships and internships
  • Provide mentorship through the early days of career for sustainable career development.

Infrastructure / Equipment


Whether it is education or health, proper infrastructure and right equipment is necessary. Lack of basic things accounts for the low rate in literacy and bad health practices
  •  Adopt schools and do the needful with the help of local agencies.
  • Help renovate existing schools for better infrastructure, lighting, safety, toilets and ventilation.
  • Establish libraries and provide Learning materials so people can access them.
  • Fund sustainable solutions such as wells, piped systems, filtering systems, planting etc.

Hygiene and Sanitation

(Trainings, Tools & Grants)

Hygiene and Sanitation has profound, wide-ranging socio-economic impact.

  • Work with local experts and community members to create awareness through specific campaigns, medical camps, wellness programs. 
  • Advocate the importance of safe health practices to women and girls through provision of Menstrual Hygiene Kits.

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