To create a measurable impact and empower people through education, employment and wellbeing.

EDUCATION  Enable better education by supporting public schools through adoption, infrastructure development, digital schooling, deployment of qualified teachers, master teacher trainers, nutritious food to the children and scholarships.
EMPLOYMENT  Provide employment opportunities through skill development programs, internships, placement drives and mentorship.
WELLBEING  Create health awareness, provide essential supplies and support primary health care centers, rural health camps, women and girl child centric programs.

For a better tomorrow through Education – Employment – State of Wellbeing

Story of MOURI Tech Foundation

MOURI Tech Foundation is a non-profit organization was founded in 2017, with the goal of providing necessary resources for better education, employment opportunities and wellbeing. Recognizing that education is the key to provide meaningful opportunities for women and children in rural areas, we are inspired and dedicated to help lift them out of poverty, support their families and find their voice. The Foundation aims to provide life-changing education, employment and wellbeing assistance to all who are facing extreme poverty and cultural barriers by partnering with private institutions, government agencies, civil society organizations and other non-profit organizations globally.

Our Goals

MOURI Tech Foundation intends to follow United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, with special focus on Education and Good Health & Wellbeing

Ensure Healthy Lives And Promote WellBeing For All At All Ages

Most of the population does not have access to essential health services which directly attributes to many complex economic and social factors. MOURI Tech Foundation is committed to go the extra mile to address the growing shortfalls of health such as inadequate water, air pollution, and sanitation.
As per the UN statistics, at least half the global population does not have access to essential health services. By efficiently funding health care systems, more people will have increased access to physicians and will experience improved sanitation and hygiene. As a direct result, significant progress can be made in helping save the lives of millions.

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

We believe a strong education is the foundational bedrock for improving the lives of young people. Rapid technological changes present opportunities and challenges, however, basic infrastructure and facilities, rural learning environments, and the quality of education have not kept pace.
Educating and empowering young people everywhere to become effective and productive members of society is essential for sustainable growth and development. Refocused efforts are needed to improve learning outcomes especially for women, girls, and marginalized people in vulnerable settings. MOURI Tech Foundation, through its innovative and sustainable activities and programs, aim to provide these opportunities to all, regardless of gender or socio-economic status.

How We Advance Our Mission

We carry out our mission in the following ways

Improve Education Standards

(Training & Grants)

Technology Integration

(Trainings, Grants, Tools & Equipment)

Employment Opportunities

(Skill Development, Internships & Grants)

Hygiene and Sanitation

(Trainings, Tools & Grants)

Infrastructure / Equipment


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Our Volunteers in Action

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