The Foundation works for society, ensuring effective learning and enabling good health, hygiene, and well-being in nearby communities.

Apart from looking at the core areas- Quality Education and Good Health & Well-Being, the Foundation’s volunteers take several Environment Sustainability initiatives enthusiastically, reaching out to the beneficiaries with a smile!

Edifice of Trust

“At MOURI Tech Foundation, we’re committed to the transformative power of UN SDG goals: Good Health and Well-Being, and Quality Education. Together, let’s drive positive change for a brighter future.”
Anil Yerramreddy

Investing in people, culture and dreams is always the best resourcefulness. We at MOURI Tech Foundation believe in this thought.

About Us

MOURI Tech Foundation was initiated in 2017, to provide necessary resources to communities, for better education, employability, healthy living and overall happiness. Recognizing that education and awareness are key to providing meaningful opportunities for women and children, we are inspired and dedicated to help them find their voice. The Foundation is enthusiastically peopled by Associates who respect and care for deep-rooted ethics and right to a good life. 


Creating a measurable social impact by empowering people through education, employment, and well-being.

Our Goals

MOURI Tech Foundation is focused on two United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - SDG 3 supporting Quality Education, and SDG 4 for Good Health and Well-Being.

UN SDG 3 - Good Health and Well-Being

MOURI Tech Foundation is keen to ensure ‘Health for All’ and has taken significant first steps in realizing it.  Anemia care and treatment, menstrual hygiene and iron-rich diet plans are the main-stay of in our outreach. Medical camps conducted at Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolhapur, and Vizag have benefited people of all ages. The Foundation also tackles malnutrition in children and women and holds interesting and innovative engagement activities such as cookery workshops promoting sustainable household health!

Sensitivity towards one specific challenge – women’s’ health, has led to better care in communities. We have reached out to women, discussing prevalent issues and providing fortifying cures.

UN SDG 4 - Quality Education

Nelson Mandela correctly saidEducation is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. At MOURI Tech Foundation, we believe in supporting communities through education – thus emancipating them. Our community outreach is strengthened when young minds excel in their academic pursuits. From Primary Education to Higher Studies, we see them throughout the journey!  

The Foundation has brought around significant change in learning, by ramping up key-infrastructure, setting up well-stocked libraries, providing access to digital education and offering English learning, apart from arranging staples like learning material and school bags for them. For us, every child is a star waiting for their turn to shine out!

How We Advance Our Mission

We carry out our mission in the following ways

Improving Education Standards

(Training & Grants)

Facilitating Technology Integration

(Trainings, Grants, Tools & Equipment)

Offering Employment Opportunities

(Skill Development, Internships & Grants)

Ensuring Hygiene and Sanitation

(Trainings, Tools & Grants)

Strengthening Infrastructure


To know more about our plans in detail, Read More

Empowering Humanism

MOURI Tech Foundation got 80G certified in February 2021, making our Associates and other stakeholders eligible for
tax rebate upon donating. 

Our Focus Areas

Community Impact Programs


Our Volunteers in Action

Literacy for All

Caring for Her

General Healthcare

Environment Sustainability

Impact Stories

Being the Spark lighting up many lives

The Foundation has indeed touched hearts and transformed lives. There is an inspiring story waiting to be shared – that of Nandini Beeru.

Turning a New Leaf in Menstrual Hygiene

A window into the life of our little beneficiaries as their life changes for the better.

My Social Responsibility

At MOURI Tech, it is every individual’s duty to act responsibly and give it back to society.  Hence, the term, My Social Responsibility. We are very proud of our Associates who exhibit enthusiasm and volunteer for our CSR activities, coming forward taking out precious time from their very busy schedules. Their reward – the joy of selfless service!

Become a proud Volunteer

Click here to visit Volunteers page. Every little contribution is valuable. Volunteer by donating. Help us in our quest to create a cleaner, healthier and better future generation.